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Empowering Business Support Organisations (BSOs) to become internationally qualified and trusted trade promotion agencies.

The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a well-established mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), within the framework of its economic development cooperation. As of 2017, SIPPO is implemented by Swisscontact, a business-oriented Swiss foundation for international cooperation and development.

We work directly with Business Support Organisations (BSOs), including promotion boards and sector-wide associations, to support the expansion and quality of their export promotion services to their members and clients. Through the BSOs, export-ready companies gain access to customised export services such as market intelligence, capacity-building, networking and matchmaking.

SIPPO connects relevant export sectors from eleven partner countries with reliable importers in Switzerland, the rest of Europe and other important target markets.

Indonesia has an abundance of natural and human resources, giving it great potential to become an exporting country for global and regional markets. The production and marketing of sustainable agricultural, forestry and marine products can make Indonesia a highly competitive producer country in the global marketplace.  However, many Indonesian entrepreneurs currently export raw materials with no added value. In addition, many BSOs require capacity building to increase their expertise about international business, including trade exhibition management procedures, trade missions, and study tours.

SIPPO in Indonesia aims to raise the value of national exports through (1) increasing the capacity of BSO to help entrepreneurs conduct international trade promotions such as trade shows, trade missions, sales and buying missions, and study tours in a more efficient and effective manner; (2) encouraging and assisting the promotion of value-added products that match with global market trends and requirements. SIPPO Code of Conduct


Business Support Organisations (BSOs) are key to helping entrepreneurs enter the global marketplace.

SIPPO has been in Indonesia for more than ten years and has extensive international experience, knowledge, and business networks in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. To this end, SIPPO has changed the approach from an enterprise-improvement model to a BSO capacity-building model, to create a more systemic impact and sustainable change.

Currently, SIPPO offers technical assistance that can help professionalise BSOs in four key areas:

Capacity building

We make export promotion boards and sector associations ready for advanced export services. We assess and provide tools for your performance management.


Profit from our large network of contacts. We organize networking events and invite to conferences and workshops. Join the Import Promotion Forum in November.

Market Intelligence

Learn more about market potentials. We provide assessments, sector studies and product information. Get ready for new markets with our expertise.

B2B matchmaking

Get contacts to suppliers and buyers. Meet them at trade fairs. We facilitate B2B meetings, organize selling and buying missions, and combine them with on-site visits or study tours.


SIPPO Indonesia is managed by a team highly committed to export development with practical knowledge of international Business.

SIPPO in Indonesia is managed by two highly qualified staff members with an understanding of private sector development. SIPPO as a BSO facilitator, works with BSOs to improve their capacity by providing trade show, sales and buying missions, B2B matchmaking services, and study tours to members. BSOs could eventually also provide training on export related subjects to Indonesian entrepreneurs.

Sutrisna Abhi

Export Promotion Manager

Aris Darujo

Country Representative


Indonesia has an abundance of natural resources and the export potential is promising.

The current global market trend is for goods that are sustainably produced, have a clear chain of custody, and are socially responsible. SIPPO in Indonesia focuses on three sectors that are able to meet these trends, and can also have a positive impact on the employment and income of the people in Indonesia.

Natural Ingredients

Indonesia is abundant with fertile soils and is a major producer of a wide variety of tropical agricultural products for the global market.

Global market demand for organic spices, essential oils and extracts used for food, cosmetics and medicinal products is high. The production of such natural goods can provide income for the people and protect biodiversity.

Natural products typical of Indonesia include aracea nuts, pepper, cloves, patchouli, white cempaka, ylang-ylang flowers, and many more.

Technical Wood

The global demand for sustainable technical wood products is growing rapidly. Technical wood business based on fast growing tree species planted in community forests will contribute to poverty alleviation. Community forests play a major role in increasing income for small farmers and reducing tropical deforestation. Technical wood products from Indonesia are made of sengon wood, jabon wood, rubber, balsa, cotton wood and bamboo.

Fish & Seafood

Indonesia is one of the largest fishing nations in the world and has for decades been the country with the largest seaweed cultivation. Indonesian seaweed farmers and entrepreneurs have special expertise in harvesting seaweed, which is then processed to become value-added products from hydrocolloids such as carrageen and agar. This industry benefits communities living along Indonesia’s 81,000km of coastline by providing alternative income-generating jobs and reducing illegal fishing.

Partner BSOs

SIPPO is currently identifying future partner BSOs to cooperate with in the relevant export sectors. We foster sophisticated services for export-ready companies.

Together with the UN body of the International Trade Center ITC (, export promotion boards and sector associations are being assessed in 2017 to identify potential for improvements in their export promotion services. This involves interviews related to BSOs export promotion services, organisational structures, quality management and performance management, as well as export and sector strategies.

In the upcoming months, our partner BSOs will be published here.

Indonesia Essential Oil Council

Indonesia Essenstial Oil Council  is a national private association that aims to support & assist essential oil business players both at the company and individual level to further develop their products & market access. (



Successful 2nd Indonesia Lightwood Cooperation and Forum (ILCF) and Indonesian Lightwood Pavilion 2017


The Ministry of Trade Indonesia (MoT) and SIPPO, in collaboration with Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and Fairventures Worldwide, have successfully promoted the 2nd ILCF with a lightwood pavilion at the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) from 11 to 14 October 2017


In collaboration with its partners, SIPPO organizes appropriate international events. Check this section regularly and register for tailor-made matchmaking and networking activities.

Events include study tours, business meetings between customers and suppliers, training for trade fair presentations, workshops for the efficient approach to the export markets and other events that enable companies to enhance their business export skills.

SIAL Paris 2018

Paris 20.10.2018

SIPPO prepares Business Support Organisations (BSOs) from Tunisia, Indonesia, Peru and South Africa for their advanced fair appearance and b2b support of their exhibiting companies. 4 international experts coach the BSOs and their exhibitors to a successful product promotion and fruitful b2b contacts with international buyers.